We are a lively group of medical people committed to providing excellent and wide ranging health services to our local community.

And we are always on the lookout for more like-minded GPs to join our Practice.

With a strong history of training the next generation of rural GPs, we offer an exceptional level of mentoring, support and education. We actively promote a healthy work/life balance, and love to enjoy all the wonderful places in our region.

Foster is a place where doctors can fully utilise training in Procedural General Practice including Obstetrics, Anaesthetics, Surgery and Emergency Medicine by working as a VMO at the South Gippsland Hospital.

Several experienced rural GP proceduralists are here to support you as you find your way in rural practice.

At all times you have access to a senior experienced GP as a "Phone a friend" or "Come and help" option if you find yourself in need of assistance.

We work in modern facilities in both our clinic and the hospital - particularly in the recently developed theatre.

Regular journal clubs and in house GP education occur which decrease the need to travel for CPD.

We have friendly reception, admin and nursing teams who make everyone feel at home quickly.

Our relationship with our local hospital is open and collegiate - we work together and train together and this makes for a healthy health precinct vibe.

The outstanding natural beauty of the surrounding environment and the community at large are the things that keep many of us here for long and happy years. Others come to the country for shorter periods which is of great value to our patients but hopefully also to the doctors who get to spend a few years working here.

GP registrars are welcomed by everyone - including patients who understand that some people come and go each year but give great care while they are with us in training.

Nurses are always invited to make contact - we often have an opening in our roster for an extra person.

Medical receptionist positions come up too - you could be part of a great team.

Several medical specialists consult from our rooms and we are always keen to hear from someone looking to make a contribution to rural health - please give us a call.

If you are considering coming our way for a short time or a long time, please make contact. We will be happy to show you around. You can email our practice manager or make contact with one of the practice partners.

Positions available

Currently we have a number of positions available for either full- or part-time GPs.

Please forward enquiries to our Practice Manager Sharen Harris at sharen.harris@fostermedical.com.au