Update of FMC news

It has been awhile since I have posted anything here. Christmas and holiday season etc might be an excuse…

There are (always) changes afoot in the doctors who work at Foster…

…we said goodbye to Adeel Chaudrey last week, who had been working in Foster for 5+ years and is off to Sydney (and beyond)

…we are saying goodbye to Samara Cua, Tom Ponsonby and Jeewie Welikumbura next week and welcoming registrars Kylie Yan, Jonathan Insermini and Anchal Agarwal

…we welcome back Nicky Waugh from maternity leave

Then there is the delightful news of the safe arrival of baby Charlie Wilde in late December. Ali is now on maternity leave. (Owen had a mini paternity leave!)

And Samara and James got married very recently which was also a fabulous feel-good story.

We are still looking for a new Practice Manager. I read what I posted in October and unfortunately it has come to pass….it is incredibly difficult in today’s job market to find a suitable replacement. We have recently readvertised. If anyone is interested, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Elisa Nudelman on www.inspirepeopleconsulting.com.au for a Position Description.