Restrictions continue – Respiratory Clinic still operating

Foster and Toora Medical Centres

As Father’s Days go, this one wasn’t one filled with good news on the COVID front.

It wasn’t a great surprise that the government extended lockdown measures, as the numbers had yet to be consistently low enough on their modelling to free us up a lot so we were somewhat prepared, but it was still pretty awful news. Again we feel so fortunate to live where we live in country Victoria. Our city friends are doing it so much harder and it is worthwhile remembering that when we gripe and feel frustrated.

The details on how improvements are being made in contact tracing and infection control in healthcare settings, and in particular Nursing Homes and Hospitals, were not documented at the time of writing – these are obviously critically important areas.

Whether this five stepped process of loosening the restrictions is aiming for an elimination vs suppression policy and how this differs from our neighbouring states is also of interest and unclear at present.

Whatever. The rules are set at present.

At the Medical Centre we continue to work in as safe an environment as possible. The Respiratory Clinic is still operating and all patients with even the mildest of the well known symptoms are directed to ring the medical centre and be triaged there.

We are seeing more complex patient problems and certainly the COVID pandemic and the restrictions are causing some of this. A plea from our receptionists; if you do think you have a problem which will require a little longer than a normal appointment to address, please tell them and they will allocate a longer appointment time.