How do I get my Vaccination certificate?

This is a question we (and our receptionists in particular) are getting bombarded with.

The answer is to go to your myGov account or set up an Express Plus Medicare app.

The link…/covid-19-vaccines/certificates will help you navigate this.

This next link…/how-get-proof will help get proof online and answer questions like what to do if you don’t have a medicare card etc.

Lastly,…/cont…/phone-us… ringing the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 is another way.

Please try this before ringing us… and if you don’t have the computer ability for it, try to find a friend or relative who can help 😊

HEALTH.GOV.AUCOVID-19 digital certificatesFind out how to get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate, update it if it’s incorrect, and show you are vaccinated even if you don’t have a Medicare card.