Foster Medical Centre Vaccine news

Our second of possibly 5 Saturday flu clinics went ahead on Saturday and another 200 or so people were vaccinated. Thankyou again to our helpers and to everyone for being so on time!

We are accepting bookings through the reception at FMC for any over the age of 65 for the remaining clinics. For those wanting Private flu shots, those with eligible chronic diseases and for families wanting the flu shot, please book into the nurses unit. We have supply (!) and now is the perfect time to get vaccinated, remembering that there needs to be at least a two week gap between flu and COVID vaccinations.

COVID vaccinations continue for all those in stage 1a and 1b until the end of April but as of May 3 we will be taking bookings for anyone over the age of 50. Again, book through reception as the online system is still not up and about.

It only takes a precursory look at the carnage that is occurring in India to remember that COVID is still very much a ‘live issue’ and that vaccination represents our best form of protection. There is little doubt that as international borders inevitably relax that we will see more COVID and, unless the majority of us are vaccinated, we will be at similar risks to our overseas counterparts, both individually and collectively.