What can a telehealth appointment deal with?

As of March 2021 the federal government advised that patients needed to have been seen face to face by their usual GP (or another GP within the same clinic) within 12 months to be eligible for a medicare rebate on their telehealth appt. While the rules around telehealth have changed a number of times over the last 2 years our staff will check your eligibility when making an appointment for you and let you know if you are not eligible.

Our normal billing policy applies for all telehealth consultations.

Telehealth allows you to catch up with your usual GP (or another GP if your provider is not available) to discuss any issue that you would have previously discussed at a face to face consultation. These appointments can either be done over video conferencing or over the phone. You stay at home rather than coming to the clinic.

During your telehealth appointment your GP will be in their normal consultation room at the practice to ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained. The GP will have access to your electronic health record. The consultation notes will be taken in accordance with our usual practice policies. If required your GP may recommend a referral for testing or a prescription, please be aware that these documents will contain some personal information and will need to be sent to the appropriate organisations. In the case of scripts, these can be sent to your nominated pharmacy.

For some specific plans video calls must be used. These include GP management plans, mental health plans, mental health reviews and health assessments. We are committed to ensuring we continue to proactively assist you to manage your health issues during these challenging times.

If you feel that you will require a face to face appointment, please call the clinic directly and we will arrange this for you. If during your telehealth consultation your GP feels you need a face to face consultation they will book this for you. Both telehealth and face to face consultations will be billed as per our usual fees.

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