Dealing with lockdown

A friend said that life is a little in grey monochrome at present. It certainly is. The colour and vibrancy of normal life is harder to find and we are only half way through this lockdown. On the positive is the fact that at present the strategy seems to be working and certainly the numbers are encouraging. It is hard to look too far ahead ‘though and we remain well aware that the narrative can change in an instant.

The presentations in the Respiratory Clinic have fallen these past 2 weeks, in line with what is being experienced around the state. There are probably multiple reasons for this including the fact that, with masks and social distancing, viral infections in general (such as those causing the common cold) are a lot less numerous this year. Our message remains the same; get tested early for any of the now-well-known symptoms. Although it is easy to get complacent when the incidence of COVID-19 in our area seems so low, it is only through testing that we will ever catch it early and have a chance of limiting its effect in our local community.

We have mentioned it before and it is worth highlighting again; be aware of the effect these uncertain and unsociable times are having on your mental health. And on people you care about. Please seek help if needed.