COVID Vaccination Update

Well, predictably, the start of this immensely complicated rollout has been difficult and delayed. 

 We wish to thankyou, readers, for not ringing and completely overwhelming our receptionists as happened to so many practices over the country this last week. Thankyou for your patience.  Patience will certainly be required this year; we have no doubt that eventually everyone will have the opportunity to get immunised but it will take time, lots of it…

We now have a small number of vaccines and have started immunising on Monday. These are the AstraZenica vaccinations, the vaccines used for all of stage 1b, which is a large cohort. We will be prioritising patients within this group as per the guidelines. 

With that in mind, we can announce that come Wednesday 24/3 that we will be accepting appointments for patients over 85 to have their COVID-19 vaccination.

Ring the clinic and make an appointment.

There will be an online appointment system but we are not sure yet when this will be up and running effectively. We will keep you posted on this.

Again we ask you to get informed by the good material out there on the vaccines. There was a great Q and A last week run by the Doherty Institute which we recommend and which is available on their website ( entitled ‘COVID 19 vaccines-your questions answered’. A team of 4 experts spoke clearly and authoritatively on a range of common queries we hear from patients. They also spoke about the importance of the flu vaccination this year. has a link to “Find out more about COVID-19 vaccines”, an eligibility checker and we now have some printed information available at the clinic which you can pick up at the front desk.

There is no updated news on Flu Shots yet. 

Continue to check our Facebook page and website which will be periodically updated with the latest news. And more next week.