COVID-19 Vaccinations

The clinic continues to vaccinate at a rate of approximately 200 a week all those over the age of 70 and all others in stage 1b of the rollout. (For details of eligibility we again refer you to the website and search eligibility).

As discussed last week, when the rare side-effect of ‘Thrombosis (clotting) with Thrombocytopenia (low platelets) Syndrome’, (or TTS), hit the headlines this did affect our numbers briefly but as people have had time to digest the news and work through the relative risks, we are busy again. We recommend to you another comprehensive and readable piece on this by Associate Professor Priscilla Robinson which will follow this post. Learn all about the Precautionary Principle (or PP for short) and how/why it was applied to the AZ vaccine. It is amazing to read that the COVID vaccines have now been given to over 850 million people world-wide now.

We have no updates on the online booking system at this stage. Just ring the clinic for appointments please.